Monday, July 21, 2014

We Lack the Social Graces

Hi Everyone! Today I bring items from B.D.R, Cute Poisson, and r(M). There have been shopping events galore as of late, including project limited and the hair fair. Both of which I would recommend you checking out as there is sure to be at least one thing you want. So without further chit chat the details. 


Skin - Deetalez - Anouk 

Eyes - Ikon - Immortal 

Lashes - Angel Rock - Rio Show Girl 

Hair - r(M) - No.25'14 (The Hair Fair

Lips - Buzz - Lip Balm 

Eye Shadow - Dead Apple - Tint My Lids


Ring - Cute Poison - Skull Ring (OMGatcha

Facial Piercing - Pekka - Cutuful 

Gun - Obscure - Assasins


Top - Razor - Cataclysm (Project Limited

Sleeves - Chary - Coles Shrug 

Pants - D-Style - Tia Leather Pants

Shoes - B.D.R - Corset Boots

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gonna Say It Like It Is

Hi Everyone! This post I bring you items from D2K, Diamante, MoDanna, and Cute Posion. I was feeling on the lighter side which seems that's a rarer occasion for me non the less the outfit was adorable to me So be sure to go check on the these goodies! 


Skin - Essence - Jamie (Gift) 

Eyes - Song - Owls (TMD

Lashes - Angel Rock - Rio Show Girl 

Ears - Mandala - Tapered 

Hair - Little Bones - Lose Count (Project Limited

Tattoo - Letis Tattoo - Skulls Sleeve 


Glasses - Reign - Hipster Glasses 

Lip Bar - Diamante - Vertical Labret 

Necklace - Cute Poison - Wonderland (OneWord)


Top - Modanna - Sailing Top (The Big Show

Jeans - D2K - Misty Jeans 

Shoes - Reign - Nadeen Wedges (Project Limited

Until Next Post... 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Set My Whole Body on Fire

Hi Everyone! Finally a blog post with my baby. As you may have seen, he's started blogging which we've set up to do a blog post together. Delicious isn't he! You'll see more of the two of us together like often. Today I bring you items from D2K, BDR, Diamante, and Reckless. So be sure to go check out all the goodies. 



Skin - Essences - Jamie (Group Gift) 

Lashes - Angel Rock - Rio Show Girl

Eyes - Song - Owl (TMD

Freckles - Okkbye - Freckles & Moles 

Boobs - Lolas - Delicq

Hair Base - Deetalez - Shaved Flower 

Hair - Milk - Bang! Bang!

Lips - Buzz - Lip Balm 

Ears - Mandala - Tapered


Belt - TheAbyss - Nau Combat 

Facial Piercing - Diamante - Sinful 

Holster - D2K - Whip it Out 

Necklace - D2K - Label Me 


Outfit - B.D.R - Dark Thoughts

Shoes - Diamante - Armory 



Eyes - [Song]- Owl (TMD)

Hands - Slink- Relax

Ears- Mandala - Taper

Hair - Action - Sam Magikal 

Facial Hair -Tableau Vivant - 05 A stubble 2

Tattoo - Reckless - King (TMD)

Hair Base - Action - Veganic

Skin - Tableau Vivant - Sean


Piercing - Pekka -  Canion 

Choker - **RE**maluS - Choker Drako

Gun - Obscure- The killer Colt


Pants - NS - Leather Fetish Steampunk 

Shoes - Flite - Clearports 

Until Next Post... 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Together We Can Conquer the World

Hi everyone! So today I decided to grab my wifey and together we would put together a post for you. What better than two uh "School Girls" right?! Anyways sure to check out her blog she's amazing and I've shared her blog many of time before so if you haven't been I wanna know why. Items today from Pretty Liar, MoDanna, and Cute Poison. So be sure to go check out all these goodies! 


Skin - Deetalez - Anouk (Hello Sunshine)

Eyes - Dead Apple - Solar (TMD)

Lashes - Angel Rock - Vegas Show Girl

Hair - Exile - West Coast (SummerFest

Freckles - Okkbye - Freckles & Miles 

Eyeshadow - Dead Apple - Ose 

Eyebags - Pekka - Eyebags 

- Accessories- 

Facial Piercing - Cute Poison - Genera 


Outfit (Skirt, Open Shirt, Tie) - MoDanna - Schoolgirl Kit (Manga Fair)

Top - Pretty Liar - Mini Halter 

Socks - Chary - Knee High 

Shoes - Reign - Maryjanes

Until Next Post... 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

She Should Come With a Warning

Hi Again! So as I mentioned bright eye'd and bushy tailed ready to blog. So I bring my second post of the day. I have been in love with this pattern lately so when I got this dress it was one I just knew was going on the to blog list. Items from B.D.R, Elska, Diamante, and r(M). Be sure to go check out these goodies!


Skin - Deetalez - Anouk (Hello Sunshine

Lash - Angel Rock - Vegas Show Girl 

 Eyes - Dead Apple - Solar (TMD

Hair - Little Bones - Crystallized (Kustom9)

Eyes Shadow - Dead Apple - Ose

Eye Bags - Pekka - Eyebags

Tattoo - Elska - The Gorgon (Greek Mythology)


Facial Piercing - Pekka - Fidelity 

Necklace - MG - Tokyo 

Bangles - r(M) - Silver Bangles 

Sunglasses - Diamante - Aviator Glasses


Dress - B.D.R - Maxi Dress 

Shoes - Reign - Georgia Sandal

Until Next Post... 

Gonna get a Little Unruly

Hi Everyone! So as you might have seen there is a new author on the blog. Nate, my fiance is new to the blogging world but eager so you'll be seeing some post from him as well as some ones we plan to do together. Yes I know I've still been slow but life is really beating on me lately so I haven't had a lot of inspiration nor have I been able to get myself motivated. Today however I woke bright eye'd and bushy tailed and I couldn't wait to blog. This outfit is more casual tomboy but I adore it none the less! Items from Elska, Nikotin, Modanna, and D2K. So be sure to go check out these items and the events. 


Skin - Deetalez - Anouk (Hello Sunshine)

Eye - Dead Apple - Solar (TMD)

Hair - Truth - Honey 

Eye Shadow - Dead Apple - Ose 

Eye Bags - Pekka - Eyebags 

Tattoo - Elska - Tell Tale Heart (The Big Show

- Accessories- 

Piercing - Pekka - Cutuful 

Bangles - Glow - Bangle Set 2

Necklace - D2K - Lable Me (Suicide Dollz

- Outfit - 

Top - Fishy Strawberry - Dream Big T-Shirt (Kustom9)

Shorts - MoDanna - Mini Ripped Shorts (The Big Show)

Shoes - Nikotin - Forcefield (Chapter 4

Until Next Post... 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts

Eyes- Dead Apple-Mesh  Twinkle Eyes Cold V3
Skin- Tableau Vivant - Sean
Facial Hair-Tableleau Vivant - Stubble 2
Tattoo- Reckless - Remember the Dead TMD )
Watch- **RE**  -Rebel Watch M3
Lip Piercings-**RE**  -Lip A+B+C Male
Hair-[taketomi] -Katsu_DBrown05
hands- Slink mesh hands -relax
Shirt- Redgrave- T-shirt white
pants -Delirium style - Alex unisex jeans with Hud
Feet- Slink Mesh feet - male Flat
Flip Flops- FLite.-Flystar FLip FLops Black